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understanding of group work processes. From 2013 on, we  worked with the the GEU (girl effect university) and other NGO's. We facilitated and designed workshops around Girl Centered Design and worked with “girl experts” in Nigeria, Niger, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

We also draw our expertise as coach and trainer or visual Consultant. We train Graphic Facilitators to be future Graphic Facilitator Trainers in developing countries. 

Visualification is a service of creative graphic recording that helps to activate learning and inspiration beyond a workshop by mapping content in visual form. We have a background as workshop designer and facilitator since 2004. Throughout our work as facilitator and designer we are working with private and government organizations to organize collaborative workshops. Using the MGTaylor* method in collaborative problem solving to accelerate the decision making process we have a deep

Capacity Building around Graphic Facilitation training is an important component of the work as a trainer and coach. 

We facilitate, in several languages: english, french, german, portuguese, spanish. Our work experience reaches a wide range of organisations in business, civil society and government accross europe and globally.

We help businesses promote themselves professionally by designing logos and marketing materials which are well researched, cohesively branded, and effectively targeted toward the correct audience.  We increase their exposure and improve their sales through a variety of projects such as infographics, posters, brochures and identity packages. 

We translate your ideas with illustrations and cartoons into meanigfull products. We collaborate with companies, entrepreneurs & thought leaders to transform their ideas into beautiful, compelling, & sharable illustrations.

Together we craft meaningful visual stories that engage communities and expand audiences. We transform ideas and insights into compelling illustrations or cartoons.

We are capturing visually, processes, discussions, presentations, during meetings, collaborative workshops, interviews etc. 

By illustrating "live" keymessages, dialogs, words and images we are language facilitators, translators and accelerators.

Scribing captures  ‘live’ complex concepts through sketches, cartoons, illustrations and words. Participants stay focused on the subject while they're discussing debating or just listening. It helps people getting deeper into each subject and keeps them in the timeflow of the discourse. We draw, write and illustrate complex subjects in all business segments. With our help you'll keep a very powerful record of your work and results.



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